The Flat Pack Pop Up Parklet @ Berkeley Sunday Streets Oct 14, 2012

Streetfilms captures Berkeley Sunday Streets brilliantly and as a bonus there is a nice sequence highlighting the “Flat Pack Pop Up Parklet.” See minute 2:40 to 3:22.

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Berkeley Sunday Streets is fast approaching on October 14, where I will have my “Flat Pack Parklet” installed at  on the 1600 Block Shattuck Avenue in front of Philz Coffee and Guerrilla Cafe.  Please stop by and see it in action.

  • Livable Berkeley sponsored this project both in concept and financially.  I would not and could not have completed it without their support.  Please support their efforts to make Berkeley great here.

The Parklet phenomenon pioneered by REBAR Art and Design Studio in San Francisco has spread globally.   Many San Francisco Bay area designers and builders have contributed their talents to this movement and I did not want to miss out!

All parklets are designed and permitted as a “temporary” or “pilot” use of the parking lane on public streets.  But, not surprisingly, everyone wants a fabulous parklet and since as mentioned above the caliber of San Francisco Bay Area is very high – parklets are increasingly constructed of gorgeous and expensive materials.  There are many examples but the Audi-sponsored parklet designed by Walter Hood and installed on Powell Street in San Francisco is perhaps the highest expression of the form.

So I thought, what if we could create a beautiful Flat Pack – Pop-Up  “demonstration” parklet from something inexpensive and easy to work with?

Enter plywood – one of my favorite materials to experiment with and the darling of many designers from Alvar Aalto to our local Eric Pfeiffer.

I had the good fortune of making contact with another genius of plywood design and fabrication  – Rob Bell –  when seeking a shop to CNC mill this project for me.  Anyone who has attended or read about Burning Man, has likely seen Rob’s iconic zome structures.   They are truly beautiful.  Rob helped me fine tune my design and milled it for me.

Keep the Flat Pack Pop Up Parklet in mind for your neighborhood:

  • The “Flat Pack Pop-Up Parklet”  is designed for fast assembly and disassembly.
  • It is intended to here for a day, there for a day
  • It snaps together “just like that” yet the solid construction lends a sense of solidity and feels like a bonafide “temporary” installation.
  • If you wish to experience how a parklet would influence street life in your neighborhood get in touch with us and we’ll talk!

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